"Dynamically Interactive and Responsive Membrane," (DIRM) challenges the foundational architectural idea of the wall as boundary. DIRM is a design experiment which reimagines the concept of 'enclosure.'

DIRM's design strategy of repeated and variable modules in layers of exchange and protection are based on biological, ecological, mathematical, and cellular membranes and edges, including strange attractors, ecological edge, skin, hair, nails, feathers, scales, and cellular membranes. Using sensors and motors, in addition to architectural materials, DIRM selectively opens or closes in response to changing weather conditions and human presence, allowing the outdoor air, and its molecules of information, to permeate the building.

Mylar, wood, photocells, motion sensor, LED’s, servo motors, electronics
33″ x 36″ x 24″
Video Documentation of "DIRM"

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