Concert for Plants by Plants

durations variable


Concert for plants by plants is a series of live performances by plants for audiences of invited houseplants, mediated by the world wide web. The piece was first performed on April 26th 2012, when a cherry tree in western Massachusetts delivered a live performance to an audience of invited houseplants in Chicago, IL. Attached to the cherry tree was a piezo sensor, which measured the tree’s vibrations. These were uploaded to the world wide web using an Ethernet Pro as a server, and a friend’s wireless router, configured to allow port forwarding. On the Chicago end, a processing sketch gathered the data and wrote it to the serial port my laptop. An Arduino attached to the laptop output the data to transducers, which were attached to ceramic saucers (and later, a plywood shelf) as the medium for the vibrations.


2012, The Expanded Field, Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection, Chicago IL

2014, Displaced Forest, TRITRIANGLE, Chicago IL


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