many wreaths for violets

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[L👀king Out #04] for Miller ICA

many wreaths for violets approaches the window as a surface for desire. The window is the surface for gazing, lingering, and languid fantasy, it holds the touch and the swipe as much as it holds the eye. During the short duration of this project, a small cluster of violets grew beneath two maple trees on the other side of my window. These particular violets were not the same violets that Sappho strung into wreaths, nor were they as strong or smooth as a symbol. Anne Carson’s translations of Sappho offered me a form for absence in expressions of longing, and I offered to these violets a few gestures of soft attachment at the surfaces of glass - as layers of opacity, as molecules of scent, as gestures of poetry - many wreaths for these violets.”

‘L👀king Out’ features works by Pittsburgh artists created through their respective windows while sheltering in place. This on-going series envisions a new commons making our mutual experience of sheltering-in-place one less of isolation and more of collectivity and solidarity. This series is a Miller ICA project with prompt by Alex Young. -looking out from our windows and for each other.


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