video installation


more-than-human at Onsite Gallery

curated by Jane Tingley, Gallery Curator Lisa Smith

Phytovision is a long-term body of work which focuses on destabilizing the primacy of human vision. As both a practice of perception and a plant-oriented media, Phytovision brings attention to modes of plant sensing which intersect and surpass the capabilities of the human sensorium.

The videos for this installation were recorded in Cook Forest: an old growth forest on traditional Seneca territory in western Pennsylvania, on which hemlock and pine trees have been growing since before settler arrival. The videos were recorded at a high frame rate to present a slower experience of time, and filtered to include only the portion of light spectrum visible to plants. Many plants perceive light within the red and blue areas of the visible light spectrum, and a standard screen presents digital images designed specifically for human eyes with red, green, and blue cones. Displayed across multiple screens, the videos present light-based media from multiple vantage points. The installation extends to include additional multisensory elements of touch and scent. The seating platform and leaning wall play geophone recordings of the forest floor as tactile vibrations. Terpenes, a type of scent signal used by white pines and hemlock, are diffused into the air above.

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Phytovision - old growth

Photos 1-3, 5 by Em Moor, courtesy of Onsite Gallery, OCAD University. Photo 4 by artist.