Phytovision - slow sublime

video vignettes

0:40 to 2:00


"Phytovision" is a body of work that invites the viewer to adopt a phytocentric perspective, with video tailored for plant perception. These vignettes were shot in the Catskills with a slow motion camera, pointed away from more historically imaged landscapes and toward small weeds and forest flowers.


2017, 98% Air: Symbolic Limits of the Natural and Artificial, Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection, Chicago

2016, Reflections on Art from the Site Lines of Nature, CATWALK Institute, Catskill, NY


Footage included in "The Clinic" by Jennie Allen

"Weak Media, Phytocentrism, and Gestures Toward Transgressing the Self,” Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Volume 37, Autumn 2016