Phytovision at Space p11

video installation


"Phytovision" facilitates phytocentric experiences, reworking digital video for plant perception. For p11, video portraits of old growth white pine, hemlock, fern and forest flowers are filtered for the light spectrum of plant perception, and slowed to plant time, while airborne molecules are released into the air as olfactory communication.

Exhibited at Space p11, curated by Jonathan Soloman, supported by the Chicago Loop Alliance.


“land of words: a collection of poetry by plants,” Forty-Five - A Journal of Outside Research,, Vol 3, Dec 6 2018. Review by David L. Hays.


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Movie Night for Houseplants and their Humans, Dec 7, 2018

Lunch Hour discussion and reading from "land of words," Dec 14, 2018.

Images by David L. Hays, Jonathan Soloman, and the artist.